Rules & Regulations

Dumpsters can only be loaded to “water level”. Dumpsters loaded over the top are considered overloaded and overloaded material may be removed on site and left at the time of removal.

Hazardous, Flammable, Toxic, Bio-hazard and medical waste, car/truck batteries, railroad ties and telephone poles, asbestos, solvents, oil paints (latex paint is acceptable as long as it's dry), and chemicals are prohibited.


Yard Waste, Grass, Leaves cannot exceed 30% of the entire load.


Banned Items that can be sorted from the load at the transfer station can be accepted for an additional fee are:
Car Tires = $25/ea
White Goods (Washers, Dryers, Stoves, Water Heaters, etc.) = $50/ea
Computer Monitors/TV’s = $50/ea
Air Conditioners/Refrigerators = $75/ea
Mattresses = $50/ea

Dumpsters are available for Stump Only Loads, Brick Only Loads, Concrete Only Loads. Call for pricing and availability.